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Get Onion Kulcha Recipe PNG. Kulcha is one such indian bread. Take 1 ball and roll it like you roll a * you can make this recipe using 100% whole wheat flour, i added a small amount of all purpose flour to make the kulchas a little lighter.

Onion Kulcha — Rice & Breads — The Ghee Spot
Onion Kulcha — Rice & Breads — The Ghee Spot from
Proper heat is also important part in making perfect onion kulcha. Onion kulcha is a delicious indian recipe served as a main. Then roll out and fill the kuccha with mince and onion filling and bake in oven.

I just serve it with plain curd, raita or as it is.

Find the complete instructions on bawarchi. This kulchas tastes so good that there is no need to make any side dish with it. With a rolling pin roll out into a 4 to 5 inch circle. You can also sprinkle the kulcha with nigella seeds before cooking if you wish.

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