35+ Money Tree Care Instructions Pictures

35+ Money Tree Care Instructions Pictures. Pachira money plant care & growing instructions. Native from mexico to northern south america, the money tree is also very popular in taiwan and other east asian countries.

Money tree plant care instructions
Money tree plant care instructions from davidwadesalon.com
Take care of your money tree. Just put it where it'll get some indirect sunlight. They are also rumored to bring good luck and prosperity, making them a great gift.

Keep your money tree plant indoors in naturally low light or partial shade area, unless you live in a warm climate location, such as southern california or.

This means that you should only water your money tree when the top. Soggy soil is a common and major a large one will give a room or area an instant boost in appearance.but will cost quite a bit more while requiring more space and care compared to. The plant thrives with lots of water. Follow these instructions to propagate your money tree:

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